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Meet the Artistic Director


Madeline Maxine Gorman (she/her) is a talkative and loud person. That’s due in part to bad hearing, but mostly because she has always been passionate about conveying important messages. A Maryland native, Max navigates the world as a queer, disabled, and neurodivergent person. Described as a “raw talent” and “a treasure that can push her and the dance community in the right direction” (Charm City Dance), she experiments with the pervasive undercurrents of mass media, mental health, and movement as the Artistic Director of GRIDLOCK Dance.  ​

Most recently, Max was selected as Local Motion Project's Artist in Residence and for Dance Place's inaugural Dance and Disability residency. During the Dance Place residency, she partnered with Art Enables, a nonprofit that provides resources for artists with disabilities, to connect with and compensate other artists with disabilities for sharing their feedback on a new piece titled Between Myself. Inspired by a series of near-death experiences, terrible first dates, and childhood diary musings, Between Myself is a one-person show that explores the psychological journey of coming to grips with queerness, disability, and the corporate world.

In 2021, GRIDLOCK was commissioned by Joe’s Movement Emporium to present Veritas. Through interactive technology and misinformation, Veritas mirrors how voyeurism, escapism, and sensationalism influence understandings of truth in everyday life. In 2019, Max’s self-produced and sold-out show ADDICT raised more than $4,000 for a new homeless shelter in Baltimore, specifically serving women affected by addiction. An ADDICT excerpt was voted Audience Favorite in the Ascending Choreographer’s Festival. 

In addition to her evening-length shows, her shorter works have been featured in the BIDA Choreographer’s Showcase, SPRINGBOARD Performance Series, Peabody Dance! Festival, and Joy of Motion’s Dance Project Showcase, among others. Some pandemic-impacted achievements include presentation in Dance Place’s New Releases Showcase and at the Atlas Performing Arts Center

As an educator, Max has taught a diverse range of populations, including pre-professional dancers, seasoned movers, college football players, and theater actors. Max partners with On Our Own of Maryland, a behavioral health nonprofit, to create and conduct workshops on arts advocacy and movement for self-care to young adults with mental health and substance use struggles. Max has also led workshops on arts advocacy to young adults with disabilities through the nonprofit Independence Now.

Max graduated as commencement speaker from Towson University with her B.F.A. in Dance and B.S. in Mass Communication. During college, she received the Honors College Award, the Kaplan Award, the Research Impact Award, and the Outstanding Choreography Award.

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